About The DPL Group


"The DPL Group Story"

Established in 1974 and based in Rothesay, New Brunswick, The DPL Group is a leading edge technology company committed to providing the finest in communications and remote monitoring systems using GPS, Cellular and Telecommunications technologies.  Our products are specifically designed to increase your bottom line and enhance your operating efficiencies in the ATM, Vehicle Fleet Control and Telephone Test and Interface Industries.


Custom Solutions Specific to Your Requirements

The DPL Group specializes in Network Connectivity Solutions for ATMs.  We design, manufacture and distribute our own ATM Network Services products.  This allows us to provide specific solutions to individual customer requirements.

Our highly talented Design and Software Engineering Departments have also designed and manufactured our own GPS Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Systems which are fully customizable to monitor, record and flag an alert on any possible vehicle function imaginable.  If a wire can be attached to any aspect of a vehicle, a reading or action can be specifically written to record or control that required function, making it the ultimate in “black box” technology.  GPS and Cellular technology, multi-platform programming and the internet are combined to deliver remote monitoring results direct to your PC, laptop, smart phone and SMS capable cell phone.  The DPL Group provides the use of its customer interface web site at no cost to you (www.dplwireless.com) and only charges for its network services.

The DPL Group is a Custom Engineered Solutions Provider who believes in providing the utmost in innovative, customized solutions at very competitive rates and with no long term binding contracts.

 *24/7, 365 Tech Support coverage is also free of charge.